LISPY Certifications

LISPY is a yoga alliance registered yoga school (RYS 200 hour)

At the LISPY school, you will learn to use eastern and western medicine concepts, combined with specifically targeted yogic concepts and techniques to address a number of mental and emotional concerns, such as addiction or substance abuse, ADHD, anger management, anxiety, cutting & self-harm, depression, eating disorders, grief & loss recovery, insomnia, performance anxiety, PTSD and trauma recovery, stress management, trichotillomania & body picking

1000-hr pyschotherapeutic yoga certification

LISPY’s 1000 hour training focuses on the powerful relationship between the sympathetic and para-sympathetic nervous systems – e.g.: the flight or fight response. Our minds and bodies respond to stressors without checking with us to see if the response will help. This leads to a cycle of escalating symptoms, which can be almost impossible to break.