adriana speiker

Yoga has been a part of my life for over 15 years. I have found it present in every part of my life: professional, and personal.  I took my first yoga teacher certification to help other military soldiers returning from deployments and dealing with transition back to being home.  My interest sparked from leading military yoga classes on a base in Afghanistan and to soldiers at my Army reserve unit in Minnesota. Following that training, I opened myself up to all populations and saw the common thread was recovering from a detachment of body, self, and mind.  I have given classes to every age and specialized in the HIV+/AIDS population in Chicago’s uptown neighborhood. Now, I include yoga with my therapeutic clients at Lifeworks dealing with anxiety, trauma, depression, eating disorders, and chronic ailments.
My personal story included trauma recovery with the use of yogic breath and asana to release what words and thought couldn’t. I am inspired to share and be a part of a community that gives compassion and experience to those in need of help through mind-body work.