jennifer landon

Director Of LISPY

Emphasizing the concept that we all suffer and that there is a way out of suffering, I help clients understand and practice the ways to relieve suffering. By incorporating the practice of mindfulness, body awareness, and Buddhist psychology, the client begins to make sense out of their situation while also gaining a deep connection to their own innate wisdom and personal truths.

Beginning my career in a wilderness camping program for troubled youth, I learned quickly how resilient people are (and how to pitch a tent quickly when it is raining). Since then, I have worked in school systems, hospitals, Dr.’s offices and private practice and I’m still humbled by the strength, courage and hope I see in my clients. So, I see my job as offering a safe space, a few suggestions and a whole lot of support as clients embrace the truth of their lives. With a mixture of body awareness work, mindfulness training, meditation and radical self-acceptance and forgiveness, I work with the client to connect the dots so life can be, not only more manageable but lived fully.

Jennifer received mindfulness training from the Institute of Mindfulness and Psychotherapy and incorporates the mindfulness practices of compassion and loving kindness in her life and work.  Using these philosophies and practices, she addresses the issues of anxiety, depression, body-focused repetitive behavior, trichotillomania, grief, loneliness, fear, shame, stuckness and overall life challenges.

Jennifer believes in helping clients learn self-compassion, self-acceptance, and self-awareness and to assist them in finding their own understanding of their internal emotional state. In this way, clients are free to determine their own path with a clear view of their deeply held and sacred intuition. In addition, Jennifer utilizes the Enneagram personality profile to assist clients in better understanding themselves and their loved ones.

If you want to learn what mindfulness really is and experience what it could mean in your life, you may want to consider one of Jennifer’s groups. Reoccurring and drop-in mindfulness groups are available – just shoot Jennifer an email at if you’re interested. Jennifer also offers individual counseling where she teaches these concepts to her clients.

Jennifer has three wonderful daughters, who she claims has kept her humble and forced her to practice the things she preaches. She is still a nature lover, does the standing on your elbow thing in yoga, and is keen on learning how to two-step.