Lifeologie Institute School for Psychotherapeutic Yoga

yoga for your brain

At the LISPY school (Lifeologie Institute School for Psychotherapeutic Yoga), we offer psychotherapeutic yoga teacher training and other trainings and events for therapists, yogis and others interested in psychotherapeutic yoga — yoga for your brain. LISPY’s yoga teacher training and events focus on the unique field of psychotherapeutic yoga. Psychotherapeutic yoga differs from traditional yoga training in that it addresses psychological and mental health issues with specific protocols designed to benefit individuals with a number of mental, emotional and physical concerns.  LISPY offers an integrated approach to optimal health!

LISPY teacher training

200-hour Yoga Training

At the LISPY school’s yoga teacher training, you will learn to integrate western medicine concepts such as neurobiology with specifically targeted yogic concepts and techniques to address a number of mental and emotional concerns. LISPY graduates are successfully helping treat addiction, substance abuse, ADHD, anger management, anxiety, cutting & self-harm, depression, eating disorders, grief & loss recovery, insomnia, performance anxiety, PTSD and trauma recovery, stress management, trichotillomania & body picking. 20 hour weekend intensives also available. LPC, LMFT and RYT CEUs are available.

1000-hour Advanced Pyschotherapeutic Yoga Training

LISPY’s 1000 hour yoga teacher training focuses on the powerful relationship between the sympathetic and para-sympathetic nervous systems – e.g. the flight or fight response. LISPY’s 1000 hour builds on the 200 and 300 hour LPY trainings, in addition to specialty electives and internship requirements.

Health & Wellness Training

Integrative Nutrition Health Coaching helps people achieve personal health & wellness goals. We do this by looking at what feeds you on and off the plate. Stress management, digestion, food cravings, excess weight, no time for exercise….. In our sessions the client uncovers where they need to make changes, We then develop sustainable strategies for long term success!