Lifeologie Institute School for Psychotherapeutic Yoga

yoga for your brain

At The LISPY School (Lifeologie Institute School for Psychotherapeutic Yoga), we offer our unique YogaZama yoga teacher training, elective workshops, courses and events for therapists, yogis, high performers, executives and others interested in psychotherapeutic yoga – yoga for your brain.

Psychotherapeutic yoga differs from standard yoga training in that it steeps traditional yoga techniques in evidence-based brain science, with a heavy focus on applied neurobiology. LISPY’s science-based program focuses on how the same yoga modalities that give you toned legs, strong arms, and a perky butt can be used to achieve an integrated brain, mind and body approach to optimal health!

Learn the scientifically proven effects of yoga, meditation and mindfulness while,most critically, gaining knowledge on how you can apply this deep understanding to better serve your clients and yourself. 

Our introductory program is YogaZama: our 200-hour, Yoga Alliance approved* psychotherapeutic yoga teacher training that merges eastern philosophies and yoga tradition with western brain science. 

This next-level yoga training is perfect for:

  • Individuals desiring to teach yoga that builds strong bodies and strong minds
  • Clinicians who want to understand how a comprehensive mind-body approach to healing can better serve their clients
  • Yoga therapists interested in the unique field of psychotherapeutic yoga

*The yoga therapy components of our psychotherapeutic yoga training are not derived from our RYS status with Yoga Alliance

Note: LISPY’s psychotherapeutic yoga training does not qualify graduates to diagnose or treat mental illness, nor practice as a licensed mental health professional.



शम Zama (n) ~ balance, equanimity (Sanskrit)

YogaZama was designed for people who are curious about human optimization and interested in how yoga can influence mental health. In YogaZama training you will FINALLY learn how your brain, nervous system, emotions, and body are truly interconnected.

Created by psychotherapists, brain health experts, yoga therapists, and traditional yogis, YogaZama steeps neurobiology and psychology into traditional yoga teacher training — with instruction in neurobiology, psychology, asana, pranayama, Ayurveda, mudras, and more.  Through our YogaZama training, you will learn to integrate Western medicine & scientific research with traditional yogic concepts and techniques, with a view toward addressing a number of mental and emotional concerns.

After completing your YogaZama training at The LISPY School, you will walk away with a 200-hour RYT that goes deeper than standard yoga training. With YogaZama, you’ll learn how to use yoga to transform both the brain and the body.

Note: LISPY’s psychotherapeutic yoga training does not qualify graduates to diagnose or treat mental illness, nor practice as a licensed mental health professional.

LISPY In-Depth Studies in Psychotherapeutic Yoga (for graduates of LISPY’s 200 RYT – Foundations of Psychotherapeutic Yoga)

LISPY 300’s hour In-Depth Studies Track includes 100 hours of additional training to help students develop clinical and teaching skills as well as in-depth knowledge for working with groups and individuals using Psychotherapeutic Yoga methods.

Student requirements prior to starting: completion of or concurrent enrollment in LISPY 200 RYT Foundations of Psychotherapeutic Yoga

NOTE: Due to programming changes, students who completed LISPY’s 200 RYT prior to September 2019 will need to audit the following weekends from the updated LISPY 200 RYT prior to or concurrent with enrollment in LISPY in-depth studies:
• Psychopathology
• Neurobiology and Trauma